Fern Hollow Farm Z382

After looking over this girl's pedigree I knew she would quickly move our breeding program to the next level. She has matured into a beautiful doe.

Bred to Show Me Boers Empire *Ennobled for 2020


Fullblood Doe

Born: February 2010

Pedigree Ennoblements: 10

                                                RRD Brass Shot *Ennobled*

                                               RRD Ruger *Ennobled*

                                                                   RRD R879

                               2DOX Luger *Ennobled*

                                                                    P/H 2SIS 139N Bingo *Ennobled*

                                                2DOX Bingo Star *Ennobled*

                                                                   CBM Treasure

FHF Z382 

                                                                      RRD S900 *Ennobled*

                                                  TC1 Rawhide *Ennobled*

                                                                       NK R36-03

                                  TC1 W806

                                                                        RRD Gauge *Ennobled*

                                                    TC1 W501 *Ennobled*

                                                                        TC1 W211 *Ennobled* 


Sire: 2DOX Luger

 Dam: TC1 W806