Finley Boers

AABG CCF2 Valentina

We saw this doe at the Legendary Sale and loved her. She is long, big topped, and wide from both ends. She she was put into our show string and took Reserve Overall Grand Champion her first show out for us.
She is now retired and enjoying life as a mom.

Bred to Show Me Boers Empire *Ennobled for 2020

Fullblood Doe

Born: December 29, 2013

Pedigree Ennoblements: 8


                                            TH V6232

                                            2DOX Royal Flush *Ennobled

                                                        2DOX Confection

                 AABG As Good As It Gets *Ennobled

                                                         SWE Main Event *Ennobled

                                            2DOX Main Squeeze

                                                         FSE 3208 Nama

AABG CCF2 Valentina

                                                          TLB Ripper *Ennobled

                                             AABG Kickin' Brass *Ennobled

                                                           Ash Creek Barbie Brass *Ennobled

                    AABG 2DOX BDV Mannequin

                                                            TLB Ripper *Ennobled

                                             AABG 2DOX Perfect Pose

                                                            2DOX AABG Strike A Pose *Ennobled