Finley Boers

HC High C Madge

After going through more then 600 goats at the Showstopper Done Sale this doe was very high on our list of potential purchases. She is wide from front to back, very big topped, and has plenty of bone. She carries this on a lovely feminine frame.

Bred to Finley Boers It's Unanimous for Feb. 2018 kids

Fullblood Doe

Born: December 2012

Pedigree Ennoblements: 6

                                                                                EGGS tra Clip T363 *Ennobled

                                                     EGGstra Dimension Y372 *Ennobled

                                                                                RRD P633 *Ennobled

                      SGG Next Dimension *Ennobled

                                                                               JFJ Jericon Farms Big John *Ennobled

                                                     SGG Big Star

                                                                              SGG X2

HC High C Madge

                                                                               RRD Right On Target V772 *Ennobled

                                                      HC High C Hannah's Right Stuff

                                                                               HC High C Hannah

                     HC High C Madchen

                                                                              HC High C Harley's Easy Rider

                                                     HC High C Mira

                                                                              HC High C Miranda