Finley Boers

Ward White Flag

We went to "The Other Sale" in Louisiana to add some new does to our herd. We knew we would have an opportunity to get some amazing animals since Wards Boers would be dispersing. We were not disappointed with what we found. This photo was taken fresh off a 10 hour trailer ride.

Fullblood Doe

Born: March 2010

Pedigree Ennoblements: 11

                                                      RRD Ryals Topbrass *Ennobled*

                                                    JRA1 Agnew's Bo-Howdy *Ennobled*

                                                                             EGGS Macey *Ennobled*

                     DCW Bo Jangle *Ennobled*

                                                                             EGGSonerate *Ennobled*

                                                     DCW Lexus *Ennobled*

                                                                             Hart DCW Freedom *Ennobled*

Ward White Flag

                                                                             LSBG V1401 *Ennobled*

                                                      TH The Big Cat *Ennobled*

                                                                              TH N1138

                       Ward's Cat Women X106

                                                                              RRD Ruger *Ennobled*

                                                       RRD Valentine Candy *Ennobled*

                                                                               RRD T371



Sire: DCW Bo Jangle

Dam: Ward's Cat Women