Finley Boers

TST1 Windy Acres Undisputed

When this boy stepped off the trailer we knew we had something special. He is super long, big boned, has a huge level top, and one of the longest loins we've ever seen. His show career has just started and he's proving he can compete. He already has 2 Overall Reserve Championships, a Division Championship, Reserve Division Championship, and was 4th out of 46 in the 3-6 month buck class at the 2014 Nationals. On top of all that he has an amazing pedigree full of the who's who of the industry. We feel he has an amazing future ahead of him.

Fullblood Buck

Birth Date: February 2014

Pedigree Ennoblements: 12

Teat Structure: 2 X 2 clean

DNA Tested: Yes

Stud Fee: $500

Flush Fee: $700

Straws: $75

                                              EGGSpensive Powerplay *Ennobled

                                           TST1 Windy Acres Strategic Power *Ennobled

                                                                     TST1 V11 *Ennobled

                RDBG American Idol

                                                                     C S B Broken S Smokin Hot Ruger *Ennobled

                                            RDBG Izzy *Ennobled

                                                                      RDBG Serendipity *Ennobled

TST1 Windy Acres Undisputed

                                                                      2DOX CD's Salute *Ennobled

                                            AABG Status Quo *Ennobled

                                                                       AABG Rippin Brass *Ennobled

               F&M Boers/CJH4 Status' Deja Vu

                                                                        DCW Bo Jangle *Ennobled

                                            DCW BJ's High Fashion Gal *Ennobled

                                                                        Ash Creek Ms Gauge *Ennobled